Subtitling Services

If you’ve ever experienced the aggravation of watching a subtitled movie where the title cards disappear from the screen before you finish reading them, you know how crucial having a spot-on subtitling service is. Making sure the translation is accurate can be a challenge by itself, but ensuring the timing is right-on presents another set of challenges.

The human eye can only read a certain number of words a minute, and dialogue is usually spoken faster than it can be read. Because of this, the translator is faced with the creative challenge of adapting the translation so that it accurately conveys the original dialogue within the rules of average reading speed. Additionally, many languages require more words than others to express the same idea, creating an entirely new linguistic challenge. Given these issues, you can begin to understand why it takes far more than language proficiency to be able to adapt dialogue or narration for subtitling.

Our subtitling service partners are not only refined linguists, they are skilled writers who know how to use their craft to produce time-fitted translations with tone, register and content accuracy.

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