Multilingual Voice-Over Localization and Narration Services
Our success with voice-over localization is largely dependent on our extensive network of professional voice talent. Depending on your script requirements, we can help you cast the best talent according to the language, country/region of the target audience, gender, age, or tone that you specify.

Our Voice-Over Localization Services include:

Translation and Adaptation

Depending on the medium, translations must follow different rules of adaptation. For example, a transcription for a script requiring subtitles has different time-coding constraints than one intended for voice-over work. Our voice-over translators are experienced at keeping these nuances in mind when producing time-fitted translations.

Even when the translation meets exacting time constraints, we may still need to make some minor adjustments in the studio when rendering the subtitles or voice-over recording. Our native voice directors and language assistant editors will ensure the highest levels of quality assurance and a smooth adaptation.

Voice Talent Casting

Our extensive network of native-speaking talent, voice directors and coaches means you’ll have the best talent for your project, whether your script calls for a cartoon character, mature broadcaster, or fresh voice with a specific and authentic accent.

Linguistic Direction and Coaching

A linguistic director is critical to the quality assurance and timely completion of each recording. He/she will help the sound editor identify the loops, which can save valuable studio time. He/she will also work with the voice talent to inspire their best performances, overseeing perfect diction and content accuracy. Lastly, a native linguistic director will ensure that the adaptation is tightly time-fitted during the final quality assurance stage.

Sound Booth and Production Facilities

CTS LanguageLink maintains an in-house sound booth that features the latest, state-of-the-art audio equipment for the highest quality voice-over and narration services. We also work with off-site studios, sound engineers and production houses to perfect an audiovisual solution for our clients. Using the latest technology, we have the capability to add translated audio to any video project—from DigiBeta to Quicktime and everything in between. We also offer a variety of subtitling options in any language.

Editing, Mixing and Layback

Our professional voice talents have extensive experience in microphone technique, which translates to shorter editing times and greater savings for our voice-over and narration services clients.

Our editing process includes the following steps:

1. Clean up breathing
2. Clean up lip noises
3. Clean up noises in between phrases
4. Create in/out fades
5. Edit lower levels of some P, K, Js, etc. Edit stretching dialogue as needed, etc.

Following are the steps involved in our mixing process:

1. Equalization
2. De-essing
3. Compression
4. Special EFX if needed
5. Overall multiband compression
6. Levels automation (voice, music)
7. Edit stretching dialogue as needed, etc.

Our layback process includes the following steps:

1. Patching
2. Set tones’ level at -20dB
3. Record one minute of tones before program
4. Adjust program to appropriate levels on the master

Our voice-over localization projects include:

• Corporate videos
• Demonstration/instruction/training materials
• Product commercials
• Telephone scripting
• Websites

For more information about our multilingual voice-over services, please contact us at +1 800 208-2620, email: sales@ctslanguagelink.com or click here to go directly to our quote page.