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Localization Services

CTS LanguageLink provides localization services that adapts your website or application for your audience’s cultural needs, without compromising your brand or your message.
Our website localization process is based on a rigorous, successful methodology that we’ve perfected over the years.
Our software localization services adapt the client’s products and services into a target language, ensuring flawless usability.
Our eLearning localization services are designed to extend your educational and training programs across borders and cultures.
We’re one of only a few multilingual companies capable of engineering, high-quality audio and video content.

Client Testimonial

We interviewed numerous language companies and say with confidence, we are very pleased with the partnership we have developed with all of your team members. You take excellent care of our account and business needs and we highly recommend LanguageLink to anyone in need of the services you offer.
-California Pizza Kitchen

Our Localization Process

CTS LanguageLink builds the highest quality into every stage of localization: from identifying and extracting the elements that need localization to re-engineering and final testing on multiple platforms in all language versions.

CTS LanguageLink’s engineers like a challenge. They face complex and daunting tasks head on, applying a process-oriented methodology that allows them to juggle competing deadlines and deliverables. Whether they’re resizing user interface objects to accommodate text expansion, tracking and fixing bugs or writing test scripts, they will balance your needs with the industry's most advanced technical knowledge—for a product that will make you proud.

1. Consultation
2. File Inventory
3. Content Engineering
4. User Testing

What makes our localization unique

CTS LanguageLink is an extension of your business and brand.
Your software for anyone
CTS LanguageLink’s localization process is based on a rigorous, successful methodology that we’ve perfected over the years. We have been localizing software since 1991.
Your website, any culture
CTS LanguageLink’s utilizes one of the most rigorous QA processes in the industry. This leaves you with less worries and more time to focus on your product.
Your video for any country
CTS LanguageLink makes sure that your business’s branding is consistent no matter the language or medium; including voice-overs, subtitles and all post production needs.

CTS LanguageLink has 23 years of experience. We have been localizing projects since the 90's, and learned after fixing other companies mistakes, that consistency in communication is not mastered overnight. CTS LanguageLink's Localization team adapts your content or application for its audience’s cultural needs, without compromising your brand or message.

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