NASPO Value Point

NASPO Value Point and CTS LanguageLink have joined together to provide state procurement officers, Over-The-Phone Interpretation (OPI) services, at competitive rates. We are honored and proud to have won participation in the NASPO Value Point contract. Winning the NASPO Value Point contract is a huge process, it requires stringent quality assurance, specific standards, and a three stage RFP process: references are vetted, test calls are made, and a proposal evaluation.

George Schoeck

East Coast NASPO Value Point Government Account Executive

For quotes and questions contact George here:

phone(360) 433-0401


Mo Tabbakh

West Coast NASPO Value Point Government Account Executive

For quotes and questions contact Mo here:

phone(360) 823-2287


Is Your State Eligible?

To utilize the NASPO Value Point cooperative contract, the proper execution of the NASPO Value Point Participating Addendum (PA) must be signed by your State. This document establishes the legal relationship between the parties and serves as the official link to the CTS LanguageLink contract.

Why Choose CTS LanguageLink?

The Contract #50-000-14-00002AA, led by the State of New Mexico, was the result of a competitive and complex bid process. CTS LanguageLink was awarded the contract because we provide NASPO Value Point members and end users with immediate access to high quality over-the-phone interpretation services.

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  • Contract Features
  • $0.62 per minute
  • Availability 24/7/365
  • picture_as_pdf 240+ languages available
  • To purchase dual handset phones: $150 per phone
  • To lease dual handset phones: $15 per phone, per month
  • To purchase a Y connector and extra handset: $35 per cable and handset
  • Contract Exclusions
  • On-site interpretation
  • Sign language
  • Document translation

NASPO ValuePoint Agreement: Review NASPO Value Point contract here