Technology Solutions that ensure your Professional Translation
Our technology solutions support our commitment to provide our clients with high-quality service that meets their schedules and their budgets. Translation memory software helps us guarantee accuracy and efficiency across translations, while our proprietary project management software, TLink™, keeps us connected to every detail of your project. In addition, we use the latest version of Microsoft’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to make sure we’re up to speed on all our clients’ needs.

Translation Memory Software

We use the latest translation memory (TM) software, management and glossary tools to deliver accurate, consistent and cost- effective, professional translation across projects. With TM technology, translated content can be stored and reused so that terminology is consistent across repetitive texts, including large technical manuals. In less repetitive but recurrent texts, such as monthly reports, translation memories ensure your content will be translated consistently in future projects.

TM technology helps save our clients money by eliminating the need for costly rounds of language edits at the end of the production cycle. It also helps lower the cost for future translation projects and accelerates the professional translation process, which can expedite time to market.


TLink is a proprietary project management program we developed in-house. It allows us to manage our clients’ projects and accounts with a level of professional translation service unmatched in the industry. We use it to keep close tabs on projects, generate quotes, manage and archive file versions and generate final invoices. We also rely on it to track our talent pool. When a project comes in, we can pull the best match from our database of translators, almost immediately.

Client Portal

Knowing where your project stands at any given time means peace of mind. An extension of our TLink database software, our secure Web-based client portal allows our clients to log in and track the status of their projects throughout their lifecycle. It’s a convenient way to:

  • Find out who to contact at CTS LanguageLink
  • Request a quote
  • View the status of your projects
  • Start a new project
  • View past quotes
  • Edit your contact information

Your account manager can set you up with a user name and password. If you already have login information, click here to get started.