Website Localization

Website Translation and Localization Services

Our website localization process is based on a rigorous, successful methodology that we’ve perfected over the years. Our website localization services include:

Pre-Production Consultation

  • Once you accept our proposal, we will assemble your web localization team
    • Project Manager
    • Translator(s)/Editor(s)
    • Web Engineer
  • Help you determine if your website is localization-ready
  • Determine project deliverables
  • Establish project timeline

Content Preparation

  • Inventory and analyze source files and graphics
  • Identify and address potential translation issues

Glossary Development

Prior to beginning any website localization project translation, we will compile a master glossary that lists terms specific to your organization, product or service. This is important in ensuring accuracy and consistency across all your translated materials. It also helps us make sure that proprietary names, products and services are translated properly. When you have reviewed and approved the glossary, we will begin the translation process.

  • Define search engine optimization (SEO) keywords

Style Guide

The style guide defines how all grammatical and stylistic issues should be adapted for each market.

Translate and Edit content

Website Localization engineering:

Once your files have been translated and edited (review our 10-Step process here) our engineers and graphic designers will begin to integrate the translated text into your website. They will oversee all the technical requirements, graphics editing and language-specific web coding, alterations and troubleshooting.

  • Ensure template format will accommodate the target audience (e.g., if you are localizing for an Arabic audience, the content and template need to render from right to left.)
  • Localize graphics, colors, currency and symbols

Testing and Quality Control:

Our final step involves testing your new site’s functionality and user interface, and conducting a linguistic review. If additional changes are needed, all team members will verify them before implementation.

Once your site is live, you won’t be on your own. We can help you keep the content fresh by updating the graphics and text.


For more information about our website localization services, please contact us at +1 800 208-2620, email: or click here to go directly to our quote page.